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Born in Leicester in 1970, I originally trained for four years at G. Perry & Sons (Leicester) as an Engineer’s Patternmaker working in wood and metal. This then led me to complete a Degree in Furniture Restoration and Craftsmanship in High Wycombe. My first visit to Cornwall in 1994 opened my eyes up to creativity, especially furniture, stained glass and fine art. I returned to Leicester to live in 1998 due to a severe illness that had developed sometime earlier. I had a need to express myself further and turned to painting, I started to get a feel for paint and the use of colour. My work was very much influenced by 20th century painters, such as Picasso and Howard Hodgkin, as well as my life experiences and Cornwall.

Painting ~ I attempt to portray emotions, feelings and energy onto the canvas or paper. I am currently using thin layers of paint, building them up gradually. For me, depth and colour is very important.

Printmaking ~ I make expressive collagraph and linocut prints in single colour. These are usually inspired by natural forms and the landscape, though I am currently working on several plates which are African inspired.

Ceramics ~ With my pots, I am very interested in the form and the possibilities of the potters wheel. The pots vary in colour and texture and range from craft crank, transparent glaze on a stoneware body and a hand painted glaze design again on a stoneware body, all fired to 1250 (approx). I feel ‘Wheel Thrown Forms’ are limitless.

Furniture ~ Chairs have been a passion for me since I made Ernest Gimson’s ladder back chair in 1993. What draws me to them is not only can they make a statement of our time but  I feel man will always need to sit.  I have used  various materials for my chairs they include, birch plywood, European ash, coppice wood, branches and card board tubes. The latter being a chair made in 1996, I was then using a material that our society throws away.